For me, brows are such an important part of your overall look. They frame your eyes and define your features more than you would think.

Brow procedures are a great option for so many people. Whether you want a bit more definition and 'gap-filling' or you have no brows at all we can create the perfect treatment to suit you.

Before each brow procedure we will work with what you already have to draw on a brow that suits your face shape and features. You will be able to tweak and input any suggestions until we have exactly the right brow for you! We will also try out and pick a custom blended colour which we will smudge on your skin so you can see how it will look once healed. There are a few options of treatments which we can then discuss:

Hairstroke brows are always a popular option. During this procedure we will create fine, individual strokes of colour that imitate your natural hairs. This is 'natural' look gives you the verstatility that you can wake up looking fresh and natural but you can also add make-up for a more dramatic look. Popular with all ages!

Powder brows give a soft, 'powdered' look throughout the whole brow. They're a great option for sombody who already has a nicely shaped brow with even hair growth but just wants a bit more of a defined, made up look that fills in the gaps.

Combination brows are a mix of the two! We will create a hairstroke look that gives a nice natural texture, then 'powder' inbetween for a slightly more defined make-up look. This is a really popular option for anyone who is already used to wearing brow make-up on a daily basis and can be used to create heavier dramatic brows, lightly shaded brows or 3D/ombre brows.