Digital skin needling is the perfect treatment for anyone looking to improve the appearance and texture of scars, stretchmarks or wrinkles. It can also be used to improve vitiligo patches.

By breaking the skin, we promote the re-healing of that area, which in turn produces more collagen and elastin and allows colour back in to the area.

Skin needling will help smooth indented or raised scars and even out colour and texture with the surrounding skin. It also allows more flexibility of the skin for example in neck or hand burns where the scarring may have restricted movement. Stretch marks can also be smoothed and faded using this treatment.

Skin smoothing facials are also available using the dry skin needling techniques. This is a great stand alone treatment for small areas such as crows feet, deep forehead lines or lined 'smokers' lips. We also offer acne scarring facials which improve the overall texture of the skin and can help smooth out pitted and pocked acne scars.


Face (Requires 2-4 sessions):

1 area (crows feet, lip lines, forehead lines etc)... £70

2 areas: £95

Skin smoothing facial (includes deep line targeting, fine line rejuvenation and general skin resurfacing)... £125

Acne Scarring Facial: £125


Course of 4 discount of 20%


A 6-12 month maintenance session for all wrinkle treatments is advised.

Scarring (Requires 2-3 sessions):

Small Area (most cuts, small burns, minor surgery scars for example knee ops)... £70

Medium Area (breast scars, larger burns, small skin grafts, c-sections)... £95

Larger areas quoted upon consultation


Some more severe scar work may require multiple sessions approx. 6 weeks apart. Each additional session within 12 weeks will receive a 20% discount.

Stretch Marks (Requires 2-3 sessions):

1 area (tummy, hips, lower back, breasts etc.)... £70

2 areas... £100

3 areas... £125

Each additional area... £20

Each additional session within 12 weeks will receive a 20% discount