Eye treatments are subtle but so effective! The perfect treatment for all ages and skin types.

During this procedure we will discuss colour choices. For a lot of people black is their first choice, however colour can be so effective especially on the lower lash line. A soft grey, deep blue or green can make the eyes 'pop'. All the colours will be smudged on the skin to enable you to choose the best for you! We will also draw on eyeliners to ensure they suit your eye shape and once this agreed the treatment will begin.

Lash enhancements are a really good option for anyone who wants a more subtle look. Even for non eyeliner fans they just add a definition to the lash line making your lashes appear fuller, thicker and darker. This can be done on the top lash line, bottom lash line or both! When explaining the look of this treatment to my clients I like to describe it as the look you have when your eyelashes are first tinted.

Baby eyeliner takes your eye treatment a little bit further creating an actual eyeliner look. A small liner is created on the top eye with a small flick to lift and open the eye. A great option for anyone who wants a more made-up look and who's used to wearing liner daily.

A latino flick is a much more dramatic look but great for anyone who is used to wearing a flicked liner daily. This can be built up from an existing baby liner or created from scratch.

Two tone shading can be added to any baby or flicked liners, a softer or brighter colour can be added above the black liner to create a subtle gradient or a pop of colour.