With brows and eyes being so popular just now lip treatments are often underlooked, however they can make such a difference!

Many clients opt for a lip treatment as an alternative to getting started on the fillers route. The definition that the lip line gives creates the illusion of a much fuller, 'poutier' lip.

Some clients love lip treatments as they have lost pigmentation round their lipline and find that their lipstick bleeds when they wear it. Lip procedures can give back the colour and definition plus create a crisp line which helps a lot with make up application.

Prior to your treatment we will blend a custom colour to suit you skin tone and the look you are trying to achieve. Lip colours fade by around 50% when healed so don't panic wioth how bright/dark we go! There is a huge range of tones and colours to choose from which can all be blended to create a completely unique colour just for you!

Next we will draw on your lip line and agree the shape together before we begin tattooing. We will also discuss whether a line only, line and blush or a fuller colour is desired.