Lash enhancement top or bottom only... £200

Lash enhancement top and bottom... £250

Baby Eyeliner... £300

Latino Flick... £350

(Baby/Latino Liners include bottom lash enhancement if desired)

Lip contour with Blush... £350

A £50 discount applies when two or more areas are booked

All first treatments are a two step process. A free retouch appointment is included in all published prices. This must be taken within 4-10 weeks of the first appointment. As skin is very unpredictable the results of the treatment can never be guaranteed. Factors such as skin type, sun damage, existing medical conditions and scar tissue can all affect the skins ability to retain the pigment. I will let you know at the initial consultation if I believe more than two sessions will be required. Any further sessions will be charged at £100 per session.

Colour boosts (price applies to existing clients only):

9-12 months... £120

12-18 months... £150

18 - 24 months... £180

For colour boosts of treatments older than 2 years please contact me directly so I can assess the level of work required. If I believe a good result can be achieved in one session it will be charged at the 18-24 month price of £180. However if the old tattoo is too faded and it will require two sessions to achieve a good result then the treatment will be charged at the initial treatment price.

New Clients with Old Permanent Make Up

Colour boosts on new clients with existing permanent make-up done elsewhere will be assessed on an individual basis. Some clients may need two treatments to ensure shape, colour and intensity of colour is achieved, particularly with brows. These clients will be charged at new treatment prices.

If I feel that we can achieve the desired results in one session a charge of £150 will apply with any further work charged at £100 per session.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to colour boost or correct work done elsewhere, this can be due to many factors including pigment saturation, shape and style, desired result. In this case I will unfortunately have to decline your treatment.

Permanent make-up procedures do require a lot of thought and consideration, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat!
Cancellation and rescheduling policies apply please click here for our terms and conditions.